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Превод ускоро...

turbo box I am sure that, everybody has ever chewed Turbo-chewing gums (they used to cost around €0,03). When opened the packaging, there was a mini poster inside that raised the value of the chew-gum a lot. I can remember at the begining of the 90's people bought that Turbo chewing-gums for the taste of them and others only for the mini posters. Of course kids always bought them just before the school started, annoying the teachers with that and making jealous schoolmates if they happened to get a rare picture.

Feri bácsi boltjaI admit, I bought lot of Turbo-gums myself, but there was a shop for collectors nearby my primary school in Hungary. (Budapest, Káposztásmegyer- Primary school of Lakkozó utca.) You could not only buy sweets there but the was also selling everything that was for collection such as basketball-cards, kinder figures, mini toys, stickers or of course Turbo-miniposters. I have got the majority of my collection from here.

turbo tömb

At the beginning most of the Turbo-wrappers cost 0.03 €ur each, but once somebody sold a huge amount of them there so as a regular costumer I could by them for 0.015 €ur/each. But that is past now. I did not brother with them for years and meanwhile the technology was moving forward. Now is everything is avaible online. And like everybody else, I also have downloaded many things like pictures, musics, books, etc. My opinion is that, if I take something from the "world", than I should give something back… Hereby, I would like to share my picture collection with the public on these pages to make older and younger generations happy. I hope my hard work was not pointless.

Turbo gyűjtemény

I wish everybody a nice browsing and if you have a little time start collecting Turbo wrappers right now, as it is never too late!

 Zsolt Forgács

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